” Every year the World Food Programme provides food for more than 18 Million schoolchildren. “

We started feeding program in our own little way, providing food fortified with micronutrients for malnourished children.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With a humble beginning of 8 students for free Education in 2011 in one of the government school as our stepping stone in corporate social responsibility, we have increased the family of students to 150 as of 2015, in 8 government school from Elementary to College.

We, as a company, inculcate the value of lending a helping hand to all the needy that comes along our way. We make social responsibility contagious within the sphere of our influence by asking our employees, friends and family members to participate wherever and whenever possible in such a mission.

Nurturing Education

Educational Mission 2015


We are here to heal always and in all ways.

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