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Fast Aid, Your Home- and Travel-Buddy Modern First Aid Kit

Mandaluyong City, 07 April 2021

Accidents can happen in any way or form particularly when you’re out travelling or playing the sports you love. We are naturally resilient and we tend to brush-off pain and minor wounds. However, that would not always be the case. We go out from the comforts of our homes to experience other places or while playing sports; and when accidents happen, we usually are at the mercy of the facility we are currently in. Having Fast Aid Kit with you could provide you with the assurance that whatever happens, you would have something to help you manage minor accidents particularly sprain or minor wounds.

Fast Aid Kit is a novel approach in first aid. Fast Aid Kit contains 3 Aerosol Canisters that could address your common and immediate need in muscle pains, sprains, and wounds at home or while traveling / engaging in recreational sports. Fast Aid Kit offers you convenience by not worrying if you have all of the components of a basic / traditional First Aid Kit.

RELISPRAY PLUS (Spray-on Pain Relief)

Relispray Plus is 100% herbal and all-natural pain relief spray with unique penetrating effect. Its 7 potent herbs can aid as an antirheumatic, antiseptic, for inflammation caused by insect bites, and antipruritic. It is packaged in a spray format for convenience of use and application.

As a home remedy, particularly for effective pain relief, it offers soothing effects for muscle and joint pains, fatigue and headache. It can be used to address inflammation caused by insect bites and could also relieve itchiness.

Relispray Plus is convenient to carry whether you’re engaged in sports & fitness activities or travelling. With its spray format, you could easily apply it on your muscle pains, allowing you to be always on the go. Imagine bringing a spa wherever you go. With its 7 potent herbs, you could treat yourself with a relaxing rest any time – any day.

VINODINE (Spray-on Wound Care) & MIST-DRESS (Spray-on Bandage)

Minor accidents happen abruptly and the stress of looking for that old iodine in the cupboard, cotton in the drawer, and praying that a band-aid is available in someone else’s bag or at the nearest sari-sari store. The pain that goes with a cut or wound and the possibility of infection could spoil your day. Now you can be ready and worry-free with the handy and convenient Vinodine Spray & Mistdress Spray, your revolutionary way of managing everyday wounds and cuts.

Vinodine delivers the long-proven effectiveness of povidone-iodine in a new spray format. No need for cottons. Vinodine is a powerful antiseptic that dries easily when applied on the wound for faster healing and recovery. The days of bandage strips and gauze are over. Mist-Dress is a unique, revolutionary, invisible spray bandage. It even has antiseptic healing properties but without the burning sensation. Mist-Dress can be applied directly on the wound, preferably after spraying it with Vinodine. Mist-Dress forms a transparent, flexible, water-proof film over the wound when applied – covering the wound at the same time allowing it to breathe.

Upgrade how you treat wounds with Vinodine and Mist-Dress. Convenient, fast, and effective!


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