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About Us

To heal always and in all ways®


To be the preferred partner in the global sourcing, registration, importation and distribution of new healthcare products in the Philippines.


To contribute significantly to the nation’s goal of attaining universal healthcare by providing Filipinos better access to affordable healthcare products and more humane solutions – to heal always and in all ways.

Brand Promise

To prove that quality can be made affordable and aim to make new healthcare solutions more accessible to every Filipino.

MedEthix Incorporated is a Philippine-based pharmaceutical company established in 2009. Our brand promise is to prove that quality can be made more affordable and all healthcare solutions can be made humanely accessible to every Filipino. To make this possible, we strive to improve operational efficiencies and harness our patient-centric core competencies so we can make high quality medicines and healthcare solutions affordable to a greater number of Filipinos.


MedEthix sources our products only from manufacturers which are compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), some of which are also accredited facilities by stringent Regulatory Authorities (such as the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency [UK-MHRA] and US-FDA) and other international GMP accrediting bodies (such as WHO and PIC/S).


MedEthix strictly complies with and adheres to all regulatory requirements and stringent policies of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MedEthix has gained FDA approval for over 500 product registrations and marketing authorizations for products in various therapeutic areas.


With years of strict compliance to importation laws, MedEthix has been awarded a Super Green Lane Certificate (SGL) by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). This allows MedEthix to import and release products from the Bureau of Customs (BOC) more efficiently. MedEthix is also recognized by the BOC as among the top pharmaceutical importers in the Philippines.


MedEthix warehouses are strategically located at the heart of NCR, in Pasay City. These warehouse facilities adhere to Good Warehousing Practice where consistent temperature requirements are meticulously monitored and cold-chain facilities are strictly controlled to ensure that the high quality of products is maintained and the end to end logistics are at par with international standards.


MedEthix’s current business is anchored on business-to-business (B-to-B) supply and wholesale distribution of healthcare products, which, in turn, empowers the Philippine Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

As a reliable source of high-quality branded-generic molecules and healthcare commodities, complemented by a strong regulatory capability to expeditiously acquire marketing authorizations, MedEthix is able to build strategic partnerships with significant mainstream pharma companies in the Philippines who market the products using their own brands and trademarks. Many distribution partners are enjoying tremendous success with the products sourced, registered, imported and supplied by MedEthix Incorporated.

MedEthix’s core competencies have been reinforced by its recent affiliation with the Ayala Healthcare Group. The partnership with Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health), strengthens its B-to-B (Business to Business) platform after becoming the importation and distribution arm of AC Health’s network of pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in the Philippines.

To establish its own brand equities in the mainstream pharmaceutical market and leave a lasting legacy in Philippine pharma, MedEthix has selected the Women’s Health sector, a specific market segment where it will ethically market its own brands and support the OB-GYN specialists in their overall effort to improve the quality of maternal health and women’s wellness in the Philippines.




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We are here to heal always and in all ways.

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