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AC Health has invested in IE Medica, a major importer of pharma products, and MedEthix, its distribution company, to further strengthen the supply chain for its network of over 800 Generika pharmacies and 70 FamilyDOC primary care clinics. This partnership also ensures that more quality, affordable medicines will be offered at AC Health’s cancer hospital, which opens in 2022.


Amino acid supplementation improves perinatal outcomes in Intra Uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) cases.

Evamin also helps in :

  • Anaemia in pregnancy
  • Anaemia resulting from trauma/haemorrhage
  • Nutritional Anaemia


Cranberry extract in combination with probiotic protects urinary tract infections.


A safe uterine stimulant that significantly reduces bleeding during caesarean section in high-risk pregnant women.

” To heal always and in all ways “